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Mission of the Lean Forum

The Lean Forum aims to provide a forum for free exchange of knowledge and experience between companies that are engaged in continuous improvement, based on the Lean Thinking principles.

The forum is open to all companies, industrial and service, provided they underscribe the working principles of the forum:

  • willing to share knowledge and experiences from their own implementations
  • actively involved in the forum activities
  • meeting the minimum requirements for membership as outlined in the application form

The forum's mission is to support the Belgian industry and companies to survive the brutal competition of global players and low cost manufacturers. Also it will be a sounding board for policy makers that want to learn first-hand about how Lean is helping to achieve this goal, including politicians, union officials, public institutions, educational professionals.

The forum does not charge a membership fee (for the moment), and therefore depends on the voluntary contribution of time and effort of all its members.